Best Drop Away Arrow Rest Reviews and Buying Guide

One of my favorite toys as a young boy was a plastic bow and arrow set.

The day my father brought it home I’m sure my smile would have lit up the room and that’s because I’d been bugging him for weeks to get me one – ever since I’d seen it in the toy store while my mom and I were visiting the mall one day.

I couldn’t wait to get out in the backyard and try it out on some paper targets my dad whipped up. The darts were only plastic with suction cups on the end, but it was the beginning of a love affair with bow hunting that continues to grow every day.

These days I’ve long since graduated to something just a little more powerful and with a much greater range.

My compound bow is my hunting tool of choice and I’m always looking for ways to improve my aim and accuracy with my bow – one of the best ways to do this is by using a drop away arrow rest. These are simple attachments for your bow designed to steady your hand and help you find the mark on a more consistent basis.

Bow hunting can be a challenging activity and you need every advantage you can get if you’re going to have any success at it.

A good arrow rest will allow you to focus on the target without worrying about an unsteady hand spoiling your shot. A drop away arrow rest is not your only choice, but it is arguably the best and it is the focus of this article.

We’re going to review 5 of the best drop away arrow rests on the market today and we’ll point out the features that we think give them an edge over the competition.

We’re also going to take an overall look at these types of arrow rests and explain what you should be looking for when you set out to purchase one.

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest

The New Archery Apache drop away arrow rest is a great addition to any bow hunters toolkit no matter what you’re hunting.

This particular model is made from durable weather resistant stainless steel that won’t rust when exposed to wet conditions. Each part is finely tuned to work in conjunction with the other parts so the rest works as advertised every time.

There are quite a few arrow rests on the market today that require that you dig out your tools before you can make any adjustments.

This can be a huge pain when you’re in the field – especially if you happen to have forgotten the correct one for the job back at your base camp.

This arrow rest doesn’t require any tools to make adjustments as it has simple hand turn knobs instead. It’s a simple modification that can make a huge difference.

Another great feature of the Apache rest is that it has a 360 degree sound dampening pad that virtually eliminates any sound from the device when you fire your arrow at a target.

The arrow also sits on a rugged felt pad that’s helps to minimize friction and further reduce sound. This is an excellent choice for any archer no matter what your level.

New Archery Apache Summary:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • All weather resistant body
  • 360 degree sound dampening pad​
  • Simple hand turn knobs

G5 Outdoors CMAX Full Containment Drop-Away Right Hand Rest

With all of the different arrow rests out there competing for your attention it’s not always easy to narrow down your choices, but the G5 Outdoors CMAX is certainly worthy of your consideration.

This rest is packed full of great features to make it easier to shoot an arrow with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

The body of the rest is made from corrosion resistant metals and it has built-in anti-vibration technology which reduces the wear and tear on the device and your body.

This model has 360 degree arrow containment for whisper silent operation and it’s easy to set up. You can adjust for windage and elevation although you will need to have your tools with you to do so.

One of its unique features is the ability to choose between two different activation modes. You can launch it in the traditional manner or by using the innovative push button activation system. Either way works just as well so it really comes down to a matter of preference.

This is a highly reliable rest that’s been tested and shown to continue to work properly over 1 million cycles. It also functions exceptionally well with no noticeable bounce back to disrupt your arrows flight trajectory. This arrow rest is a perfect addition to your bow.

G5 Outdoors CMAX Summary:

  • Built-in anti-vibration technology
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • 360 degree arrow containment​
  • Windage and elevation adjuster

G-5 348 Halo Full Capture Arrow Rest

The G-5 348 Halo is a versatile addition to your bow kit with its 360 degree containment structure it gives you the range of motion you need for the most accurate shot possible. Its solid steel construction is highly durable and made to last even after years of use.

What’s great about this rest is that it also has independent adjustable launcher arms so that you can use it on any size arrow shaft no matter how big or small.

Some rests are designed to be used specifically from one side or the other, but this one has an ambidextrous design so that you can use it whether you’re left handed or right handed.

As a leftie I know how frustrating it can be living in a right hand dominant world so this is a big plus for sure! You’ll also notice that this rest has felt padding covering the entire interior of the rest to ensure the quietest operation possible.

By most accounts this arrow rest works exactly as it should – it drops out of the way of your arrow once the shot’s been taken.

There is minimal bounce back and very little interference from vibration. This is an affordable product that doesn’t sacrifice anything in quality in order to keep the price down.

G-5 348 Halo Summary:

  • Solid steel construction
  • Independent adjustable launcher arms
  • Quite operation
  • Affordable product

Trophy Ridge HXL Arrow Rest

In any product category there are bound to be a few items that clearly stand out from the competition and in the case of drop away arrow rests the Trophy Ridge HXL is one of those products.

It’s made from high quality 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum that’s shock proof and virtually impossible to damage unless you’re really trying! That doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed any functionality to make it so durable though as this arrow rest works as advertised.

The rest has 100% containment so that you can be sure your arrow will be poised and ready to shoot when the perfect shot presents itself.

Along the interior of the containment arms are extra rubber padding that prevents metal on metal contact between the frame and the arrow to ensure whisper quite operation.

Perhaps the only major drawback of its design is that you have to choose between a left handed or a right handed design – the product is not ambidextrous.

The drop away function works almost flawlessly with no bounce back and very little vibration. There’s little chance of the rest interfering with your shot at all so you’ll only have your own skills to blame if you happen to miss the target.

This model is a little pricier than some of the other options out there, but that’s because it’s a step up from most.

Trophy Ridge HXL Summary:

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Extra rubber padding
  • 100% arrow containment
  • Whisper quite operation

Truglo Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The Truglo Downdraft drop away arrow rest may be the best drop away arrow rest around. This is a finely crafted product that’s designed with the intention of helping you take your bow hunting technique to the next level.

It’s made of the best quality and strongest aluminum on the market today. That means you’ll be taking shot after shot with this arrow for years before you’ll ever have to think about replacing it.

This rest offers 100% containment of your arrow to ensure it stays in place and ready to go and the arms are adjustable to accommodate different sized arrows.

You will have to choose between a left handed or right handed model though.

On the interior of the containment arm there are technical rubber dampers that act as a silencer so that you can take a shot without your prey ever realising you’re in the area.

This model is easy to install on your bow using only the Allen key they provide and it attaches easily to the moving bus cable. Once it’s in place you have yourself a precision instrument that will improve your bow hunting technique.

The rest drops away quickly when the arrow releases and produces no bounce back. The Truglo Downdraft arrow rest is definitely a top quality product for any bow hunter.

Truglo Downdraft Summary:

  • Best quality aluminium body
  • 100% arrow containment rest
  • Rubber damper silencers
  • Easy to install design

Key Features of Drop Away Arrow Rests

Drop Away

Before taking a closer look at the features you should be looking for when you set out to purchase a drop away arrow rest it’s probably a good idea to clarify just exactly what we mean by drop away. It’s quite simple, when you shoot an arrow with the assistance of a drop away arrow rest the device drops out of the way of the arrows trajectory as soon as you release the arrow.


In most cases drop away arrow rests are predominately made from high grade aluminum – although you’ll find rubber or felt material on the inside of the containment arm to reduce noise when you’re shooting an arrow. Some less expensive rests may be made from stainless steel, but even these are normally still quite durable.

Adjustable Windage and Elevation

When you’re setting up a drop away arrow rest you have to be able to make sure it’s centered properly and this may have to be adjusted from time to time. You may also want to make periodic adjustments for both windage and elevation and almost all models on the market today allow you to do this. If you’re looking at a rest that doesn’t have these types of features it’s best to look for something else.

Minimal Bounce Back

When you shoot an arrow using a drop away arrow rest the rest falls away so that it doesn’t interfere with the trajectory of the arrow. The best models simply drop away and stay out of the way, but some less effective rests may have a tendency to bounce back and brush against your arrow as it’s released. This can alter your arrows trajectory and cause it to miss the target. You should always look for a rest that has no bounce back.

Avoiding Vibration

Another problem that can be encountered when the arrow is released is vibration in the rest arm. This is what usually causes bounce back and even if it doesn’t cause the rest to bounce back into the arrow it can still cause problems. Even a slight vibration can cause the arrows trajectory to alter so this is also something to be avoided if possible.

Noise Reduction Features

Anything that you add to your bow can produce a greater amount of noise and that’s not a positive thing. Animals generally have better hearing than us and if we’re using noisy equipment they may sense our presence before we get a chance to get the shot off.

Top quality drop away arrow rests have built-in noise dampening technology designed to reduce or eliminate the noise they may create. This is sometimes accomplished using felt pads and in other cases rubber is used.

Both types of materials can be effective, although the higher quality rests usually use rubber as it is slightly more effective in dampening any noise.

Making a Final Decision

If you aren’t using a drop away arrow rest on your bow today you should be. They can help to steady your shot and improve your accuracy as long as you’re careful to look for one with no bounce back and minimal vibrations.

In this sense it’s definitely better to pay a little extra upfront to ensure the model you choose actually works as it’s supposed to.