Best Hunting Knife – Top 6 Reviewed

As a hunter, you probably carry at least two knives on hunting trips. I am sure the idea of a single best hunting knife may seem a little wild. With the right tools the job gets much easier, right.

In this article, I want to focus on great hunting knives that work best for breaking down game. If you are lucky to kill an animal the next part is breaking it down.

The idea of focusing on one knife even to break game down is a t9ugh card to fill because breaking down a rabbit is night and day to breaking down an elk. If you are working with the same knife for both jobs, chances are you are using the wrong tools.

We will explore several different knives that will vary in style and design. We will profile knives that would be great additions to any hunt.

These could be finer blades for slicing and larger powerful blades for cracking pelvises. From this list, you should be able to find the perfect knife for your next hunting trip.

Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter Fixed Blade Knife

Well it’d be hard to write up a review on hunting knives without uttering the word Buck.

The Buck knife brand is synonymous with hunting so it should be no surprise that the Omni Hunter tops this list. Aside from being an absolute show stopper this weapon offers several options for the hunter on the trail.

As expected this knife features full length tang. It features a heavy duty ergonomic design with index finger groove.

This will help you when choking up on a blade to break down meat and sinew. It also features a 4 inch guthook to aid in breakdown as well.

Rather than focus on the straight traditional style blade this knife is nearly 10 inches long with a sloping blade. The knife is just under half a pound in at full weight which doesn’t make it a bother to carry. You know as a hunter we have enough to carry into the woods.

The handle on this knife is a thing of beauty its contoured camo designed by Realtree. The rubberized handle with grip ridges makes this knife safe and easy to handle. It features a lanyard hole but also comes with a sheath for multiple carrying methods.

The knife runs at around $50 and was reviewed well which makes this a great option. Those who bought it raved most about the rubber grip and how much it improved the functionality of the knife.

Don’t forget it was made in America and features the Buck Forever Warranty.


  • Classic Brand
  • Full tang and 4-inch gut hook
  • Heavy duty ergonomic design

Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter Summary:

  • Heavy duty ergonomic design
  • 4 inch gut hook
  • 10 inches sloping blade
  • Rubberized handle

BucknBear Damascus Huntsman Buscraft Tracker Knife

BucknBear is a new company that just opened in 2008. They are working at full bore and creating really impressive knives in some new designs that we are not accustomed to seeing on the market.

Their designs are beautiful and they have a great line of products available. We are looking that this Huntsman Tracker model.

The huntsman is just a beautiful Damascus full tang blade and a rare double grind blade. This blade is also finished with a beautiful grained design.

The blade is 3/16 inches thick and has a depth of 1 3/8 inch deep. The incredible craftsmanship on this knife features notching and file work on the spine.

The handle of the huntsman is G10 with brass tube pins. The grip is great for heavy duty work. In fact, the knife itself has been designed to and tested for durability. They use Rockwell testing equipment and high quality steel to assure their knives will go the distance.

This knife also includes a leather sheath with a belt loop making this a great knife to carry. This also gives you easy access to the weapon without having to concern yourself with carrying it in hand.

In the woods, there are several reasons you might call on a weapon like this and having easy access to this blade makes a big difference.

The huntsman is a great blade that can be yours for just over $100 dollars. I think having one of these blades puts you ahead of the game.

This brand is only 9 years old and I don’t see them going anywhere. They have a great line of products for hunters, survivalists and even tactical enthusiasts.


  • Damascus blade
  • Maximum durability
  • Multiple uses

BucknBear Damascus Huntsman Summary:

  • Full tang blade
  • Heavy duty design
  • High quality steel
  • Includes a leather sheath

Bone Collector Knife BC804 Skinning Knife

Though it is my preference, you don’t have to go after an expensive hunting knife. There are other options out there. Some have a great blade and make incredible companion tools.

I would recommend carrying a few knives on your hunt trips. Which brings us to the Bone Collector Knife BC804. This fixed blade knife with gut hook is a great option for skinning animals and light processing.

Truly ideal for all your small game processing the bone collector offers up as lot of great options.

The blade itself is polished 440 stainless steel at 3 3/4 inches in length. The knife on a whole is only 7 1/2 inches in total length. That is a smaller knife but this is what makes it such a great accompaniment blade.

The handle is really what this knife is about outside of its ability to process. The bone collector brand creates beautifully designed handles made from real bone.

These bones will crack and chip from use but they are designed to last. They also look so great! Each grip is truly unique because of the bone used.

This weapon comes with a custom leather sheath that for easy belt storage if you so desire. The sheath was both praised and excoriated in reviews.

It was too tight for some and too loose for others. I imagine it’s just a good sheath as most reviews did not mention it at all.

This knife is one of the best priced in this review. At just over $15 it is at least five times less expensive than the other knives.

It reviewed well and was lauded as being a great knife for small hands. Whether you buy it for kids or not this is a great hunting knife.


  • Quality steel blade and gut hook
  • Custom bone handle


  • Needs sharpening out of the box

Bone Collector Knife BC804 Summary:

  • Fixed blade knife
  • Built-in gut hook
  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • Real bone handle

Elk Ridge ER-059 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

With a name like Elk Ridge the brand deserves some exploration. The ER-059 is another great companion blade. Though I might add this to the pack as opposed to having it strapped to my side.

This is specifically the blade you pull when you are separating meat from bone or tendon from meat. This is what a thin, razor sharp, blade should do.

This is a beautifully crafted fixed blade knife that offers a straight edge blade made of 440 stainless steel.

Elk Ridge ER-059 Fixed Blade Hunting KnifeThe weapon offers that great curve that you have come to expect when you purchase a great filet knife. This knife comes to a fine point and features a nice thin blade for running between meat and bone.

The stunning maple burl wood handle adds to the aesthetics of this great knife. It also features a lanyard hole on the end which allows you several options for carrying this knife.

The leather sheath is another great option for storage. At an overall length of 7 inches this knife carries well. This knife reviewed well even though product is made in China.

There was one serious issue with the knife having dropped and the handle cracked. Being made in China the knife is substantially less expensive. The cost is just over $12 and though it may not be the only knife you carry it is certainly a great option.


  • Great blade design
  • Perfect for precision meat harvesting


  • China made

Elk Ridge ER-059 Summary:

  • Beautiful fixed blade
  • 440 stainless steel construction
  • 7 inches overall length
  • Priced over $12

Schrade Old Timer 152OT Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade is a brand that has been bought out and their knives are made in China now.

Of course, Schrade Old Timer 152OT will influence quality and durability of the knife but for the sharpfinger this is not much of an issue. You see this is a knife to be used exclusively for skinning and processing game. You won’t be cutting down trees with this thing.

It's a nice small knife with a 3.3-inch blade that is thin and razor sharp. The sloping blade is characteristic of what you would expect from a thin bladed filet knife.

Perfect for working meat and saving as much as possible. This is a great blade for trimming between ribs and other tight areas where the meat can be hard to get to.

The old timers straight handle offers a great grip and allows you to choke up on the knife for precision. This is very important for putting this knife to use in the field.

The old timer is another knife that costs less than $20 because of where it is made.

In the reviews, most people mentioned that they wished they had bought it earlier. The only real concerns were for the condition of the blade out of the box. It seems to come very dull.


  • Great shape
  • Quality steel


  • Dull blade that’s tough to sharpen

Schrade Old Timer 152OT Summary:

  • Razor sharp 3.3-inch blade
  • Sloping blade design
  • Straight handle feature​
  • Priced under $20

Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife

We did not profile a single folding knife and I thought we should do at least one. It’s important that we consider a quality knife for this purpose. Gerber is a great brand that offers durable knives.

This is a very basic and large hunting knife that stores well in a pocket or on a belt loop. The blade features a glass bead finish and a drop point blade.

The knife offers large finger grooves and a lanyard slot. It also comes with a nylon sheath. At 3.62 inches, it is a great length for achieving your outdoor goals.

This knife reviewed well even among the crowd that isn’t necessarily fond of Gerber for their ties with zombies and Bear Grylls.

Those who purchased the knife were very impressed with its backbone and sharp edge out of the box. This knife is important and the price reflects that in that it’s just over $20 in price.


  • Great name in knives
  • Great length


  • Imported

Gerber Freeman Summary:

  • Glass bead finish
  • Drop point blade
  • Large finger grooves
  • Priced over $20

Final Verdict

As you can see there is a lot of variety in what we call a hunting knife. In fact, the best method is to carry a few knives when you go hunting. You should at the very least have knife that can be the generalist with a stiff backbone and durability to boot.

This would fall in the category of one of our early reviewed knives. These power house made in America weapons are designed with the American hunter in mind.

For smaller and more tactical uses like cutting and skinning you will want to bring along something smaller and with a thinner blade.

The big boys can get the job done but a smaller knife will help out much more. You will reserve so much more of the meat with something thin and razor sharp. I offered some very cheap solutions to this problem.

The variety of tools you take on your next hunt could be the difference between some level of success. We all know the importance of having the right tool.

This review is a look at the varied options out there when considering a hunting knife. In hunting it takes a fraction of a second to bump an animal. So, your choice of gear is very important.

I hope this review helps you along your way to the perfect set of hunting knives. We have explored some of the best names in the business and if you find something doesn’t work for you I encourage you to explore the knife company’s actual website.

There are so many variations in these knives it’s almost impossible to not find just what you are looking for.