The 5 Best Survival Tomahawks

When wielded correctly the tomahawk is an effective weapon to control and kill. When in the hands of an expert the tomahawk can keep distance as well as deter an attacker. Though you may have a firearm sometimes shooting and gun is not always the best option.

Today these survival tomahawks are more tool than weapon. This is based on the desire of the consumer. We are not out killing one another, at least not with tomahawks. That said, manufacturers have come to realize their audience is looking for more than just a sharp blade.

We are going to take a look at some of the best survival tomahawks on the market today. These weapons will be reviewed based on various criteria. We are looking to see first and foremost how the weapon performs as a tomahawk above all.

We will also look at how the tool handles and carries. beyond these attributes, we will review any extras that come along with these weapons i.e. prybars, hammer ends, hex tools and we will see plenty more.

Before you buy a survival tomahawk read this review and get an in depth look at what is out there.

Columbia River Knife and Tool 2735 RMJ Woods Kangee T-Hawk Carbon Steel Axe

I thought we’d start this Best Survival Tomahawk Review with a genuine tomahawk. The Kangee looks and feels like the authentic style tomahawk.

It’s the classic wood handle crafted from Tennessee hickory. The Kangee has the best blade head on the market based on design and quality.

The flat, axe blade style of the Kangee is forged from one piece of 1055 carbon steel. The blade is hammer forged to create a reliable and durable piece of metal.

The total length of the cutting blade is 4.37 inches and also features a handy spike end opposite the blade. This can offer itself up for a variety of uses. The weapon is 19.13 inches in overall length

From the standpoint of durability, the USA made hickory handle is lacquered to stand up to the tough world and tough use. This Survival Tomahawk comes with a leather sheath to protect the beautiful blade when not in use.

The description of this tomahawk by Columbia River and Tool mentions its ability to split wood “like a beaver.” This tool is a little short and light for me to imagine it splitting wood in a great capacity. I could be very wrong about this but that is just my feeling. Though, at just under $50

The expectations are high.

This tomahawk was reviewed incredibly well by those who purchased it. People have used this thing for everything! They take it camping, cut wood with it, keep it in the truck for self-defense, they even throw this thing at targets.

More importantly, it performs well, based on their reviews, on all of these things.


  • Authentic design
  • Hammer forged carbon steel
  • Hickory handle

Columbia River Knife and Tool 2735 RMJ Woods Kangee Summary:

  • 1055 carbon steel material
  • Hammer forged blade
  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • American made

Kershaw 1073X Siege Tomahawk Knife

Kershaw are the masters of blades in my book. I really enjoy every product I purchased from Kershaw and the Siege tomahawk knife is another example of the quality manufacturing that I have come to expect from them.

Even this survival tomahawk acts as a couple things outside of just being a tomahawk. The difference with the Siege and other survival tools is that this is a measured attempt at both being weapon and a set of effective tools.

The Siege features a 4.0-inch blade length. It also features a pointed edge on the opposite side of the cutting edge.

This is a sharpened blade point that is menacing. The thought of having to use this pointed edge, even for self-defense, is pretty cringeworthy.

Though I will say the thought of being on the receiving end is even worse. The blade comes from 3Cr13 steel with a black oxide coating.

The weapon is 16 inches total and carries well. It’s a light and durable weapon that features a sturdy sheath for protection of both cutting edges.

I slide this tomahawk right down the side of my hiking bag between two loops. When I added the Siege to my setup I was surprised to find it added very little weight and obstruction to my setup.

The Siege handles well and is made up of black oxide and nylon scales to enhance the grip. This benefits the use of the cutting edge as well as its multi tool functionalities.

Those tools include a nail puller that is built into the end of the handle.  The same steel handle is also used as a pry bar.

This weapon comes in just under $40 and reviewed well by people other than just the author of this review. For me, this is the best multi tool survival tomahawk on the market.

If you are in the market for a lightweight, razor sharp tomahawk with modern design features the Siege is perfect for you.


  • Mutli use weapon
  • Powerful cutting edge
  • Lightweight

Kershaw 1073X Siege Summary:

  • 4.0-inch blade
  • 3Cr13 steel blade
  • Light and durable
  • Priced under $40

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06TN-CP Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk

SOG models some serious tactical weapons and they also offer a larger version of this tomahawk which is of great quality. This is a smaller and easier to handle version.

The tomahawk lends itself to the smaller size. When it comes to these weapons bigger is not always better. The Fasthawk is a great option if you have concerns about weight in your hiking bag or go bag.

The Fasthawk comes in at an overall length of 12 inches which may seem small but for a tomahawk you are dealing with a weapon and having the ability to conceal and wield this thing easily is paramount.

It also weighs just over one pound. Again, a great option for carrying on trips without having to haul a few pounds of extra weight.

With a glass, reinforced nylon handle the Fasthawk handles well and offers a sturdy grip. It also features a sturdy 2 inch 420 steel blade.

This 2-inch blade may seem small for a weapon but you will find this tactical Survival Tomahawk incredibly effect for its small size. It also features a blunt edge on the opposite side of the blade for hammering or chiseling.

This weapon also features a sheath to carry and keep the blade sharp. Of the Fasthawk much can be said about convenience and durability. This Survival Tomahawk has been adapted to smaller but just as powerful as its big brother from SOG.

This weapon is priced extremely competitively at under $25 dollars. The axe reviewed well and the resounding notion was that the Fasthawk was nearly impervious to destruction. SOG is a great company for tactical tools.

When I started this review, there was no doubt they would have a product in the conversation of Best Survival Tomahawk.


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Great value

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06TN-CP Fasthawk Summary:

  • Lightweight design
  • Glass reinforced handle
  • 2-inch 420 steel blade​
  • Priced under $25

Smith & Wesson SW671 Extraction and Evasion Full Tang Tomahawk

With such a reliable name, it should be no surprise that a product made by Smith and Wesson would warrant a look. If their firearms are any indication of the quality of the Extraction and Evasion tomahawk we should be in for a winner on all fronts.

Right out of the box this weapon has a menacing look with its black finish over high carbon steel. I am not sure when this move to black out camping equipment started but it certainly makes these tools look more intimidating.

What it also does, however, is makes them practically impossible to see in the dark of night if you drop them or misplace them.

The brutish design of this Survival Tomahawk is exemplified by the sloping blade that is reminiscent of those much larger axes wielded by legions of axe men in the iron age.

The long sloping axe blade create an ominous look for such a small weapon. It also features a filed point end opposite of the blade.

This weapon features a blade made from 1070 High Carbon Steel. The blade is 3.9 inches long and that weapon is 15 inches at total length.

I really prefer these models that are made from one piece of steel.

I get nervous when I see screws and rubber handles holding a Survival Tomahawk together. A black polyester sheath come with this model to protect the edge of your blade.

The Escape and Evasion carries well at just under 3lbs in weight. It also features a comfortable grip that is designed Black TPE Overlay Handle Slabs. These overlays offer a level of comfort that is crucial with any swinging weapon.

The durability and quality of steel in this Survival Tomahawk made it a favorite among reviewers.

Priced under $55 people were quick to mention this weapon was comparable to much pricier versions over $100. It seems Smith and Wesson hit the target with the Escape and Evasion.


  • Top brand name
  • Great price
  • Powerful design


  • The heaviest on the list

Smith & Wesson SW671 Extraction and Evasion Full Tang Summary:

  • Sloping blade design
  • 1070 high carbon steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Priced under $55

MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Axe

Though MTech is marketing this weapon as a camping axe it’s design mirrors many of the Survival Tomahawks we have profiled in the review already.

They are a solid tactical weapons company and have produced an affordable tomahawk for those looking to explore the benefits of owning one.

This 15-inch weapon offers a larger than usual cutting blade at 6 inches in length. It's made of 440 steel and has 3mm cutting edge.

This Survival Tomahawk also offers a cord wrapped handle to increase the grip when swinging. The cordage can also be used in a survival situation.

Priced at just over $20 this is by far the cheapest weapon we have in this review. That said it will get you a lot for the money. It’s not the most comfortable Survival Tomahawk but it will keep you safe and may do some chopping and cutting as well.


  • Large cutting blade
  • Great value


  • Durability issues

MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Axe Summary:

  • 15-inch length
  • 440 steel blade
  • Cord wrapped handle
  • Priced over $20

Final Verdict

The tomahawk is ancient Native American technology that has stood the test of time. The word derives from the Powhatan tamahaac meaning to cut off by tool. They were used to cut off plenty in their hay day.

They were the main weapon in scrums between warring tribes and even, as I mentioned above, these weapons were formidable in hand to hand combat against the settlers.

What I love about carrying a survival tomahawk is the ability to have a weapon and tool in one that can help me out in cutting and stabbing applications.

Meanwhile, carrying a weapon like this offers you a very real level of self-defense. If you have never watched someone who is trained at wielding a tomahawk it’s an amazing skill set.

They can be used to immobilize, trip, slice and dispatch people very quickly. Compare that with your ability to incapacitate a man with a survival knife or even your bare hands and you will see the benefits.

I hope this review has given a fair representation of what’s available on the market. We didn’t touch on some of the pricier weapons available. 

Still, we reviewed some serious players in the game that offered powerful benefits beyond just a solid cutting edge. Many of the survival tomahawks profiled offer up various tools and additions over and above the simple wood handle and cutting blade.

Utilizing one of these multi tool weapons you are adding two pounds to your pack and creating a wide array of options through one tool.

Anyone of these tomahawks would be a great option. I carry the Siege by Kershaw but there is something magic about the Kangee from Columbia River Knife and Tool.

Having that hickory handle and hammer forged head is true version of the tomahawk. That said, the black matte finish and the tactical approach is also the evolution of an ancient weapon.