Best Survival Watches You Need to Check Out

Thought it is often thought that technology and survival are somehow very different they play well together. Many of the survival skills of our past have been lost to the convenience of technology.

There is no denying that but as I started this review on survival watches it was quickly made apparent that the marriage of the two forces can hold powerful benefits to us all.

The survival watch can be an incredible tool. There are models that look like something from the backwoods and others that could sit in the windows of any fine jeweler. The benefits of both are very powerful.

You can gain a lot from just having the time on your wrist. Though these great survival watches come with much more than that. We will profile watches that have everything from fire starters to paracord integrated into them.

We will review these watches based on their ability to do the job we buy a watch for which is tell the time. We will also look at durability, survival features and the value of these watches. You will be surprised in our varied options in a great survival watch.

Yuze Paracord Survival Watch

I am always wary of any tool that offers or claims to offer EVERYTHING. The Yuze does just that and claims to be “every survival tool you could need, and it all fits on your wrist.”

Of course, what concerns you on issues of a do all tool is the quality of the various accouterments that come along with it.

The band itself is made of 11.8 feet of braided 550lb tested paracord. A clip connects the two lengths of braided cordage around your wrist.

The watch itself is standard and is water resistant though it doesn’t say to what degree. That said, the watch is hardly what makes this model appealing.

Instead it’s the various survival bits that come packed inside this thing. At a glance, it’s pretty impressive that all of this fits into one watch on your wrist.

These items all come wrapped and packed into this watch

  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Striker
  • Flint
  • Tinder
  • Fishing Line & Hooks
  • Fishing Swivel & Weights
  • Fishing Floats
  • Safety Pins & Antiseptic Pad

Of course, you can’t expect these items to be of the greatest quality but if some of them like the flint, whistle, hooks, weights, pins and antiseptic pads are what they are. They will work if needed.

This watch is not showcasing the highest quality watch face and durable model that can gauge several things outside of the time.

Its showcasing a variety of tools that may or may not work to the level you need them to. Under $30 if you are looking for a variety of bases covered along with a watch this is a good unit for you.


  • Variety of survival tools
  • Reasonable price
  • Water resistant


  • Durability concerns

Cheap survival tools that may not be dependable

Yuze Paracord Summary:

  • 550lb tested paracord band
  • Built-in survival tools
  • Water resistant design
  • Priced under $30

Casio G-Shock Military Sand Men’s Watch

Casio is a powerful watchmaking brand. There are always tremendous benefits to buying from a high quality brand. This is a watch that will stand the test of survival. It is created to survive right alongside you.

The Casio G-Shock is made with a large resin case that is shock and magnetic resistant. This model is part of Casio’s Military Sand collection.

It features 200-meter water resistance (660ft) and mineral glass. This model is also backlit with a LED light that has selectable illumination duration and afterglow.

Casio G-Shock Military Sand Men’s WatchThe truth about this watch is that the model just starts with its durability and dependability.

The electronics of this watch feature a stopwatch, 5 alarms, auto calendar and a two-year battery life. There is a level of insurance in the G-Shock that makes you very comfortable.

This powerful model comes in at just under $80 dollars. When you talk about a survival watch Casio has hit the nail on the head.


  • Durability
  • Deep water resistance
  • Quality features
  • 2-year battery life

Casio G-Shock Military Sand Men’s Watch Summary:

  • Shock and magnetic resistant
  • 200m water resistant
  • LED light illumination
  • Priced under $80

Casio Gw7900b-1 G-shock Black Solar Sport Watch

You are going to see Casio on this list more than once because they have taken the survival watch and followed its design from start to finish.

They did not merely create a watch that comes ready to do things a watch shouldn’t. This watch cannot trap small animals or sanitize water. No. This watch is a powerful time piece that will stand the test of survival.

Casio Gw7900b-1 G-shock is designed for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports. That is just the beginning of the various features of this watch. The batteries are fully rechargeable using only the power of the sun.

The battery will last 9 months in total darkness but will recharge efficiently each time you wear it in the sun.

The numbers are lit rather than the background in order to be more discreet for night time operations

This watch also updates sunrise and sunset as well as featuring tidal changes. It also features atomic clock. These features have incredible benefits to the survivor. Imagine not measuring hours of sunlight with your fingers!

This watch, to me, speaks to what a survival watch should be. The features are relevant and helpful. The watch is discreet and durable. If you are in the market for a survival watch this is a model that sits very close to the top of the heap.

The watch is expensive but I think the for the quality the money is justifiable. Expect to pay over $100 for this survival watch.

Casio Gw7900b-1 G-shock Summary:

  • Solar charging batteries
  • Atomic clock feature
  • High quality watch
  • Designed for watersports

Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch

From another powerful name in timepieces Timex brings the same respected quality as a Casio brand.

This is another model that was designed for “Outdoor Torture Tests” and will hold up to your plans and expeditions. This is a less expensive survival option yet still has the durability of the more expensive Casio models.

The design of the Timex Expedition is shock resistant to I.S.O standards. It also features a digital compass which is an invaluable survival tool in the wilderness.

The durable resin strap will keep your timepiece attached to your wrist. This affixed with the classic metal strap buckle. The indiglo light up watch dial will allow you to see the compass or the time in any condition.

Water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet below the surface. This will survive a tumble and fall into practically any stream, river or crevice.

In a survival situation, this is what we are looking to have right. We want a timepiece that will work through the damage a survival situation will

The Timex Expedition may not come packed with gadgets and features but like many of my favorite survival tools it does what it does and it does it well.

I have come to appreciate the chopping axe that does just that or even the knife that holds its edge. I am less interested in the pry bars, wrenches and flints that come attached or built in.


  • Powerful brand quality
  • Durable resin makeup
  • Water resistant to


  • Fog under glass in high humidity

Timex Expedition Shock Summary:

  • Shock resistant
  • Features a digital compass
  • Durable resin strap
  • 200m water resistant

5.11 Field Ops Watch

This watch is designed for police officers and tactical operators. It is built to last and stand up to tough environments.

The Field Ops is made up of a high density polycarbonate case and scratch resistant mineral crystal face allow it incredible durability.

It also features a backlight toggle and an anti glare coating too ensure a low profile. The Field ops is water proof to 100 meters and can be worn over sleeps or gloves using the extended wristband.

5.11 Field Ops WatchThe watch also features a sure shot calculator and integrated digital compass.

This watch should fit the bill for most tactical situations. It could be a great companion in a survival situation as well. The problem is it wasn’t received well amongst those who purchased it.

With all this ability, you would think this watch a perfect fit for the avid survivalist. It comes fully equipped and from a company that does quality work in the tactical field.

Unfortunately, the resounding receptions of this watch on the 5.11 website was how poorly this thing performed. It was clear that this watch did not live up to the hype.


  • Great tactical options
  • Designed for police


  • Poorly reviewed with many defects

5.11 Field Ops Watch Summary:

  • High density polycarbonate case
  • Scratch resistant mineral crystal face
  • Anti-glare coating
  • 100m waterproof

Garmin Quatix Marine GPS Wrist Watch

Specifically designed for sea caring operations and rescue this watch is about as survival as they come. This model was designed by one of the premier names in GPS technology.

The Quatix is water resistant and comes complete with a man overboard feature that actually works with a separate transceiver.

The Quatix comes with a barometer, altimeter, temperature sensor, tide tables and a 3 axes compass.

Garmin Quatix Marine GPS Wrist WatchOn land this watch would still be formidable tool for any short-term survival situation. The fact is without the ability to charge this powerful watch it would die in a few weeks.

It is usb compatible so it could be coupled with solar charging capabilities as well as biomass capabilities. If you are lost with just the watch it could prove to be an issue.

One thing is most certain the Garmin Quantix will over a variety of solutions in a survival situation.

Just the ability to have the units powerful GPS will increase your odds of rescue exponentially. Along with the other added features this watch is well worth the money for its capabilities.


  • Top name in GPS
  • Separate transceiver
  • Numerous features


  • Short battery life

Garmin Quatix Marine GPS Summary:

  • Water resistant
  • USB compatible
  • Solar charging capability
  • Powerful GPS

Final Verdict

The importance of time, tide and direction are about as important as anything else in a survival situation. If you can get your basic needs met and begin to think about rescue these three become very important.

I love the models that offer sunrise and sunset settings as well. These allow you to know exactly how much time you must set up camp. This would also allow the ability to know when you can safely leave camp with the sun creeping up behind you.

I encourage you to look at the survival watch in the same way you do any other tool. These watches can be vital additions to your survival pack, go bag, bug out bag or even just your hunting and fishing gear. Make no mistake they have their place.

Even with the staggering number of things a cell phone is capable of it is also dependent solely on signal and battery power. It would be foolish to depend on such a delicate device for anything in a true survival situation.

The survival watch is designed for water and damage. The cell phone is just not there yet. Even with some of the best cases on the market you are still left with only the signal that can be had from your remote location.

These survival watches have proven to be incredibly useful. They opened my eyes to some opportunities in adding them to my own set up. I hope they have opened your eyes as well.