10 Best Hunting Lodges in Texas

If you’ve never hunted in Texas you’re missing out on one of the best hunting experiences in the western world. It’s one of the few places left where wide open spaces are the norm not the exception and there’s a lot of game on that land. Fortunately, large tracts of this wilderness also happen to be owned and operated as hunting lodges that welcome guests year round.

“Don’t Miss” Texas Hunting Lodges

If you’re ready to knock Texas hunting off your bucket list then you should check out our 10 best hunting lodges in Texas below.

Texas Hunt Lodge

In Texas they believe that bigger is better and that definitely applies when it comes to the Texas Hunt Lodge. This impressive facility has access to over 100, 000 acres of pristine wilderness that’s teaming full of game.

There are 60 different species to choose from – everything from traditional white-tailed deer to buffalo, elk, wild turkey, wild boar, and exotic species such as zebras. They also have first rate bed and breakfast style accommodations with a sports bar and a games room. With such a complete package it’s not surprising they were voted ranch of the year 7 years in a row.

Texas Hunt Lodge
120 Lakehouse Trail
Ingram, TX 78025
(830) 367-7611

Stray Bullet Ranch

If you’re looking for that home away from home experience then you’ll enjoy a stay at the Stray Bullet Ranch. This hunting lodge was founded in 2009 by the Mcallister family after raising white tailed deer for several years. It’s a true family operated business with the staff run and directed by the family and they pride themselves on treating their hunting guests like another member of the family.

This is mainly a deer hunting lodge, but you may also opt for hunting sheep as well. The accommodations are excellent and while you stay here all of your meals are taken care of three times a day.

Stray Bullet Ranch
11258 State Hwy. 21 West
Caldwell, TX 77836
(979) 535-4830

Joshua Creek Ranch

There are few bird hunting opportunities quite like visiting the Joshua Creek Ranch. They have a reputation as one of the top wing shooting lodges in the world and you can find plenty of quail and pheasant to satisfy your hunting needs.

There’s also seasonal deer hunting and turkey hunting as well on more than 1300 acres of lightly wooded land. It’s a place that the whole family can enjoy with sports clay shooting, fly fishing, kayaking, and tubing as well. When you top all that off with award winning accommodations and excellent cuisine it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Joshua Creek Ranch
132 Cravey Road
Boerne, TX 78006
(830) 537-5090

Caney Creek Lodge & Shooting Sports

Have you always dreamed of the perfect wedding where you could combine romance with a first class hunting experience? That’s what they offer at the Caney Creek Lodge with 5 star lodgings and 9, 500 square feet – it’s perfect for weddings or your next corporate retreat.

Once the nuptials are over and you’re ready to get down to some hunting you can choose from quail hunting, white tail deer hunting, ram hunting, boar hunting, as well as other exotic species. All hunts are fully guided and they also offer sport clay shooting as well.

Caney Creek Lodge & Shooting Sports
400 Co Rd 930
Teague, TX 75860
(254) 739-0128

Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort

Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort is a once in a lifetime experience for the bird hunting enthusiast. While you stay here you can hunt pheasants, quail, chukar, and waterfowl. You can also head out on a fishing excursion if you want to mix it up a little bit with Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Bow fish all available.

The lodge itself is quite impressive with a game room, stocked bar, and a retail store. All the food is made in house and features locally grown produce from their 2 acre garden. When you’re ready to unwind and tell stories at the end of the day there’s also large fire pit available.

Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort
PO BOX 503
Yantis, TX 75497
(903) 383-7100

777 Ranch

The 777 Ranch is a little bit different from other Texas ranches. When this ranch was created just over 50 years ago they wanted to bring the experience of African game hunting to Texas.

Along with access to some great traditional whitetail deer hunting you’ll also be able to hunt lots of exotic game here including addax, gazelles, and Oryx’s. The ranch offers comfortable lodgings and great food. There’s even a souvenir store available.

777 Ranch Inc.
5420 County Road 531
Hondo, TX, 78861
(830) 426-3476

Plaska Lodge

If the big ranch experience is not for you then the rustic experience of a stay at the Plaska Lodge may be just what you need. This lodge is actually a 100 year old converted general store that’s heated exclusively by a wood burning stove. It makes for a cozy stay and the food is good old fashioned Texas home cooked.

Hunts are guided and you can choose from deer, hog, quail, turkey, and exotics. There’s a gun range on site as well if you want to fine tune your rifle before you head out on the hunt.

Plaska Lodge
13705 FM 1041
Memphis, TX 79245
(940) 585-1008

Ox Hunting Ranch

Ox Ranch is one of the most well-known hunting ranches in Texas and for good reason – they pretty much have it all. This is a great place to hunt for whitetail deer, buffalo, and turkey, but they’ve also got a lot more to offer in the form of exotic wildlife from all over the globe.

They’ve even got zebra’s! The great thing about hunting on this ranch is that they provide full guided hunts so that you always have the benefit of your guide’s experience. The ranch itself offers the full resort experience making it the perfect get away location for families as well.

Ox Hunting Ranch
1946 Private Road 2485
Uvalde, TX 78801
(830) 275-4962

Independence Ranch

If you’ve never been hog hunting, but you want to give it a try a great place to do it is the Independence Ranch in Texas. Wild hogs are still abundant in the great state of Texas and they make for a challenging hunting experience – they’re a lot nastier than your average deer so you have to have your wits about you.

After a long day on the hunt you can relax at the lodge in recliners that will make you feel at home. There’s a great games room and the food is top notch as well.

Independence Ranch
9797 State Highway 97
Waelder, TX 78959‎
(409) 370-3137

Cross Oaks Ranch

Cross Oaks Ranch offers a true Texas hill country hunting experience with 2490 acres of beautiful property filled with a variety of different game. You can stay with a traditional white tailed deer hunt or try something different with exotics such as antelope or Iranian red sheep.

Custom packages are available and all hunts are guided. The lodge is well equipped with a games room for a game of pool, a relaxing indoor fireplace and TV, or an outdoor fireplace if you prefer to be outdoors. The rooms are comfortable and the food is first class.

Cross Oaks Ranch
702 PR 861
Brady, TX 76825
(325) 617-2550

In Summary

You won’t go wrong with any of these ten Texas-based hunting lodges. From staples like turkey to exotics, you’re sure to find a hunt the piques your interest. Best of all, you don’t have to only pick one. You can try a few, or even try them all if you have the resources.

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