15 Hiking Blogs You Might Not Know But Should

Far too many people don’t take the time to appreciate the world around them the way that hikers do. Not just an appreciation of nature, hiking is relaxing, good exercise, and a great way to connect with friends and family alike.

You can make it as casual or serious of a hobby as you feel fits your personal lifestyle. You can be a once-a-monther, a weekend warrior, or you can choose to be an extreme thru-hiker. It’s all your choice, and there’s no right or wrong.

Finding Great Hikes and Hiking Information

In the past, getting information about hiking trails all over the world wasn’t easy. We had to rely on books and travel guides that were often incomplete and out of date, or word of mouth, which was often accompanied by many inaccuracies.

Now we have the Internet.

If you’re looking to go hiking and want some excellent commentary that will let you know everything you need, then take a look at these fantastic hiking websites that aren’t as well known as some of the bigger sites, but we feel should be.

I Hike San Diego

When we think of San Diego, we don’t often think of mountains and wide open nature, but Brad Spiess certainly does. A personal trainer and Army veteran, Spiess has become the expert on hiking in the San Diego area. Not only is he dedicated to walking these trails, but he makes it a point to gather and present as much information about the trails as possible to encourage others to try, too.

Lady on a Rock

If you want the most comprehensive approach to hiking the New Mexico Loop, then you want Rockin’s website. Not only does she go into detail on everything you need, but she is incredibly entertaining to read and her adventures are well worth a look.

The Trail Girl

A blog with a beautiful combination of art and commentary. Julie is an amazing photographer who makes the trails around Boulder, CO come to life. Moreover, you can find really useful “How To” articles and delicious recipes for healthy foods & incredible desserts for when you get home from a long day enjoying your hike.

I Heart Hiking

Sam used hiking to break herself out of a rut following a separation, and now she has become the foremost expert in the You Yangs of Australia. She also has done hikes along the Surf Coast, on the Great Ocean Road, and even as far away as Mexico. Her free e-book is a wonderful resource for people looking to hike near Geelong.

Long Distance Hiker

A really densely packed, but entirely accessible, website, Long Distance Hiker has everything you would need to know about hiking for multiple days at a time. Sweetpea and Beardoh are fun to see and read about, not to mention incredibly knowledgeable about everything they discuss. A must-have resource for anyone looking to take on a challenge.

Jan’s Jaunts

Jan has done an amazing job seeking out and finding a number of unique trails to hike, but more than that it’s worth seeing her “Jabber” posts. The site as a whole is highly detailed and filled with the kind of information that anyone needs to hike safely and still have a really good time. Best of all, Jan is unbelievably smart and engaging.

Hikers for Life

The best thing about Hikers for Life is that they are so dedicated to their philosophy that “anyone can hike” that they set up a community on their website, Share My Hikes, to encourage people to support one another in the hobby. On top of their fantastic blog, you don’t want to miss this in-depth labor of love.

The Appalachian Thru-Hiker

Kevin McCourt’s website has a smattering of everything you could want when it comes to planning and understanding a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. One of the most interesting aspects is his section on how to deal with diabetes or agoraphobia on the trail. Not everybody thinks of that, but it can help more people learn to love hiking.

Hike With Edna

If there’s one thing you can say about Edna, she’s detailed. It’s a real joy to see all of her photos of the various parts of her hikes. While it’s nice to see grand, sweeting vistas, the benefit of Edna’s site is that they are pictures of the majority of sites you will see including signs and trails.

Hiking Photography

Patrick Latter is a master of light and color. His nature and hiking photography is truly a sight to behold. It’s possible in some cases to practically feel the air because of his ability to capture the almost super-reality of a place. His sense of movement is also absolutely mind blowing and worth following.

Live and Let Hike

Andrew at Live and Let Hike brings an uncommon clarity to hiking trails. Not only does he go into great detail about the trails he’s been on, but is able to provide thoughtful commentary on them as well. The interactive map which allows users to navigate to information on particular hikes he’s been on is especially helpful.

That One Cool Hiking Blog

Not only is it a gorgeous website, but the Indiana Joneses are a fun to follow family. Their hiking adventures are told in great detail, but also infused with a lot of humor to keep the reader going. Their passion is present in every blog entry and that can be absolutely infectious, which in a way is part of their mission.

The Modern Female Hiker

Not only does Melissa bring the experience of a world traveler to her blog (she’s visited 35 countries!), but she addresses a niche that most hikers don’t consider: professional women. As a result, her perspective is fresh and brings a lot of clarity to the specific challenges faced by women in corporate jobs who also enjoy hiking.

Hiking Girl With Dog

Speaking of niche websites, if you want to go hiking with your favorite four-legged friend, then you shouldn’t miss this website. Not only is it a great read in general, but the tips section goes into a lot of detail on how to get your dog ready to hike and how to ensure that it’s as much fun for them as it is for you.

Hiker to Hiker

While there have been a number of amateur blogs on this list, it’s also a good idea to follow some professionals and there are none better than Danny Bernstein. Her books are not only highly researched but incredibly engaging and her blog shows off the years she has spent as a hiking leader. This is an invaluable resource.

In Summary

There are tons of great hiking resources out there aside from the big name travel guides and websites. Some of the smaller sites offer personal touches you won’t find anywhere else.

The smaller more localized sites also offer a real detailed look at individual areas and trails that bigger corporate entities might gloss over. If you’re looking for a few great hiking sites that you haven’t stumbled across before, we highly recommend checking out some or all of the ones listed above.

We also suggest that if you plan on solo hiking or going on multi-day hikes, you take a look at our tips for surviving the outdoors. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Happy hiking!