Best Bow Releases Reviews and Buying Guide

I remember watching an old movie a few years back. I don’t even recall the name, but I do remember it left a lasting impression on me because of some of the fantastic close ups of archers straining for the perfect shot.

It was a movie set in medieval times, but instead of focusing on the chivalry of knights like so many of those types of movies do this movie stressed the importance of the archer in medieval battles.

What caught my attention was how grueling of a toll continuous shots with a bow and arrow appeared to take on the archers – in the close up scenes you could see the archers hands bleeding as they pulled the string of the bow back and held it for the perfect shot.

Our bow technology is light years ahead of those days, but an archer still faces the same potential for injury if using his fingers alone for releasing his arrow.

Fortunately, it isn’t just our bow technology that’s seen significant advancements over the years – our release technology is much improved as well. We now have the option of using mechanical release equipment on our bows and it’s a must have tool that all bow hunters should seriously consider.

The main focus of this article is to take a closer look at the best bow releases on the market today and we’ve gone out on a bit of a limb and selected 5 in particular that we think stand out from the pack.

We’ll review these top 5 bow releases individually, but before we focus our attention on each individual release we’re going to identify some of the things you should be looking for in a bow release for you. It comes down to an individual decision as to whether or not you should use a bow release or not, but in our opinion it can definitely help to improve your bow hunting success.

Bow Releases Reviews

Junxing Compound Bow Releases Hunting Arrow Archery Accessory

If you’re just starting out with bow hunting and you want the most accurate shot possible a bow release can be an invaluable tool. The Junxing Compound Bow release is a great entry level option that will significantly improve your shot accuracy.

This simple tool is made from a tough leather strap, hard plastic handle, and durable metal clasp that together are designed to last.

The leather wrist strap wraps around your wrist and is held in place by an everyday Velcro style fastener. You can easily adjust the strap to fit just about any size forearm.

The leather strap also has extra padding to make it as comfortable as possible when it’s in place on your wrist and the rigid handle that leads to the clasp makes it feel like a natural extension of your bow.

It has a Posi lock hook up that makes it easy to attach to the string of your bow in a second or two to get the most out of your hunting experience.

The clasp that holds the arrow and string of your bow is designed for simple adjustments depending on your own personal preferences.

If you prefer a rigid and tight grip you can adjust for that, or you can leave it a little looser if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. The trigger is highly sensitive when engaged to ensure a quick release.

Junxing Compound Summary:

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Velcro style fastener

Extra padding leather strap

Easy adjustable strap

Posi lock hook

TRU-FIRE Chickenwing Max Release

The True-Fire Chickenwing Max is one of the better bow releases available for today’s modern archer. It features a wrist strap design and it’s made from high quality materials that will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

This strap has a buckle strap that holds it in place on your wrist for extra security that way you can concentrate your efforts on finding the target and releasing the trigger when you’re ready. The wrist strap is leather and the trigger arm and trigger are made from a high grade plastic.

The wrist hood is designed with centering technology that allows you to steady your hand for the shot and provided you with extra stability and support.

It also has a unique sound dampening coating that reduces the amount of noise you make when you move your wrist and can significantly reduce the chance of detection by your prey before you get the chance to take the shot.

What really makes this particular release stand out in a crowded marketplace though is the fact that it comes with two interchangeable triggers.

There’s a traditional single finger trigger that you’ll find on most wrist style releases, but it also comes with a dual finger trigger that some will find more comfortable. It’s always nice to have options. This is a quality product made in the USA that should provide you with many years of use.

TRU-FIRE Chickenwing Max Summary:

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Made from high quality materials

Equipped with a buckle strap

High grade material trigger

Sound dampening coating

TRU-FIRE Hardcore 4-Finger Release

For those hunters that don’t like to have their movements restricted in any way a simple handheld trigger release may be a better option than a wrist strap design.

The Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 is one of the best ones available and it’s made from a durable CNC solid aluminum that will resist just about any damage no matter what you put it through.

It also has an adjustable lanyard that allows you to modify the length of the short rope that attaches to the string of your bow to fit your own personal style.

This is actually quite a high-tech little device as you can adjust it between three different trigger pressure settings – 6, 24, and 50 ounces.

Essentially you can adjust it to make it as sensitive as you are comfortable with. There’s also a string loop retainer that allows you to hang it when not in use without worrying about losing it.

If you prefer to place it in your pocket when not in use its compact design allows you to do that as well.

This release is designed to be used by either left handed or right handed archers without having to compromise accuracy.

It comes in a camouflage color as well which makes it blend into the background. It may be a little bit more expensive than some bow releases on the market, but it’s also one of the best available.

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Summary:

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Made from CNC solid aluminum

3 different trigger pressure settings

String loop retainer

Compact design

Tru-Fire Hardcore MAX Buckle Foldback Bow Release

The Tru-Fire Hardcore Max is without a doubt one of the finest wrist strap style bow releases you’ll find. This one features a genuine leather wrist strap with extra padding that makes it one of the most comfortable fits of any bow release you’ll find.

It secures in place with a buckle design that has wider rolled edges for extra comfort. The trigger, handle, and hook are all made from durable materials that hold up well after continuous use as well.

The trigger can be adjusted between three different settings with the simple turn of a screw – you can change the pressure from anywhere between 3 and 16 ounces.

It’s also designed for quick release so that the minute you make the decision to fire you’re arrow it’s on its way to the target without a moment’s hesitation.

With a swept back design you’ll find it fits naturally in your fingers and doesn’t encumber your shot in any way.

The Hardcore Max also has a pivoting head hook with Tru Center technology that allows you to pivot up to 20 degrees at a time.

It’s just as easy to use for both left handed and right handed archers. There’s no doubt that this is a great bow release that any bow hunter would benefit from.

Tru-Fire Hardcore Max Summary:

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Genuine leather wrist strap

Extra padding

Buckle design

Made from durable materials

Tru Ball Assassin SST Release

Another great wrist style release is the Tru Ball Assassin SST. This will help to improve your bow hunting success by providing you with one of the best tools for the job.

The strap is made from top quality leather that won’t rip or tear and the arm is made from aircraft grade aluminum with built-in anti-vibration technology to reduce the impact of repetitive strain injuries.

The trigger itself is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is extremely reliable.

The handle is attached to the strap with a Globo-swivel that allows you to quickly pivot and adjust your shot when necessary without sacrificing any accuracy. You can also adjust the handle to alter the daw length to fit your own archery style.

The trigger is attached to the end of the handle near the jaws and features a simple one finger design that allows for instant and reliable release.

This is a consistently accurate product that does what it’s supposed to. With True Ball’s unique fireball logo on the strap it even has a little bit of cool factor to it as well. This is a great bow release for any level of archer.

Tru Ball Assassin SST Summary:

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High quality leather strap

Aircraft grade aluminium arm

Stainless steel trigger

Globo-swivel strap

Bow Release Essentials

Type of Grip

There are basically two types of grips that you may come across when looking for a good bow release for your bow. The first would be a single trigger style which is simple and intuitive and your other option is a dual finger trigger which some find more reliable. Either style can be very effective so it really comes down to what you as an individual are comfortable with.

Wrist Strap Design

Perhaps the most common style of bow release on the market these days is the wrist strap design. This type of bow release features a leather strap that wraps around your wrist and fastens using either Velcro or a buckle fastener.

The main advantage of this style is that your arm strength is what holds the string and arrow in place not your grip so even if your grip happens to slip accidentally your string and arrow will remain poised in position.

Handheld Trigger

A handheld trigger is another popular choice in the bow release market. Some people prefer this style because they feel the wrist strap design is somewhat encumbering. By simply having a trigger handle that you hold onto you don’t have to worry about anything wrapped around your wrist causing issues.

The disadvantage is that if you lose your grip accidentally the arrow will be released and the shot will more than likely be well off target.

Materials and Composition

Typically wrist strap releases have leather wrist straps and the arm that attaches to the trigger and jaws is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The trigger may be aluminum as well, but in some cases they are made from stainless steel.

Handheld triggers are normally made from aluminum as well, although some of the most affordable options are also made from hard compound resins instead.

Ease of Release

When you’re using a bow release the idea is to give you a steadier hand when drawing back and aiming an arrow, but that doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice the quick release that you would have when using you’re bare fingers.

The best bow releases have hair triggers that have very short reaction times allowing you to maintain that quick release while at the same time significantly improving your accuracy.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The last thing you may want to consider when shopping around for a bow release is whether or not it has an ergonomic design that fits easily in your hand to minimize your exposure to stress and strain.

When using one of the wrist strap releases comfort is a big factor as well. The best models have extra padding that prevents the strap from digging into your wrist and allows you to concentrate on the target and not the pain in your body.

Bow Releases Reviews

Choosing a Release

When you’re choosing a bow release you have to first figure out if you prefer the handheld design or the wrist strap and then it’s just a matter of finding one that fits your budget and one that you’re comfortable with. You should look for a release made from durable materials and one with a quick release trigger. All of the products we’ve reviewed here fall into these categories.