For many the idea of EDC or everyday carry seems strange. I must imagine if you are reading this review you are not one of them. The idea of preparedness becomes an all-encompassing endeavor. The allure of the best EDC pocket knife is merely one part of said preparedness.

The single blade pocket knife can offer a great many advantages to the survivalist. There are models that come with a small segment of serration on the blade as well to use for more sawing applications. This could have great benefits in a survival situation.

Even in today’s world of all-encompassing technology and convenience having a good knife goes a long way. There are so many options for knives these days so we’ve narrowed our review down to just out favorites the best pocket knife brands.

We will also look at EDC pocket knives that offer various tools in the Swiss Army fashion. What you gain in tools, however, you will lose in blade power and we discuss more below.

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1 Top Rated Pocket Knife Reviews

1.1 Kershaw 1990 Brawler Speedsafe Folding Knife

1.1.1 Pros

1.2 SOG FF25-CP Escape Knife

1.2.1 Pros

1.3 MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

1.3.1 Pros

2 Winchester Brass Folding Knife

2.0.1 Pros

2.0.2 Cons

2.1 Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife

2.1.1 Pros

2.1.2 Cons

2.2 Buck Knives Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife

2.2.1 Pros

3 Summary


Kershaw 1990 Brawler Speedsafe Folding Knife

The Brawler is just one of many excellent products created by Kershaw. In my opinion there is no company doing better work with blades, particularly for survivalist, then Kershaw.

Not only does this pocket knife offer the same unparalleled blade quality of all Kershaw knives it also has a beautiful design on the comfortable handle.

The knife starts with a razor sharp tanto blade which is often attributed to tactical operations. This blade design lends itself to punching through tough materials. It also offers a four-position pocket clip so you can adjust the carry to meet your specific needs.

The speed assist opening is crucial in a EDC pocket knife. This allows you the ability to fully engage the blade using one hand. It’s one of those features that you don’t full appreciate until you need it.

It’s a sticking point in every pocket knife I purchase. There is an added layer of efficiency in the speed assisted blade opening that makes using two hands to open a knife feel like using a stone tool!

In my experience with Kershaw they offer great survival and EDC tools. This one is small compact and easy to carry. It’s also highly effective with a thick, durable blade. It also comes at a compact price. This model comes in under $30 and will stand the test of your survival adventures as well as your everyday needs.


Top Brand

Speed assist opening

Great price

Kershaw 1990 Brawler Summary:

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Unparalleled blade quality

4 position pocket clip

Speed assist opening

Compact and easy to carry

SOG FF25-CP Escape Knife

This is one of those multi use EDC pocket knives that gets it right! The Escape Knife is a successful tool because it identifies three unique problems. It addresses blade cutting, belt or strap cutting and glass breaking.

This is the perfect EDC pocket knife for quick escape from a vehicle in distress. Let’s focus first on the blade as we are here to discuss pocket knives.

This SOG offers a great edge with a serrated feature. I do enjoy having the serration on a blade as it makes things like breaking down small trees or cutting through more dense materials easier.

This solid steel blade overs the durability to punch through tough jobs but still carries a razor edge. The handle is made of anodized aluminum to offer an effective, lightweight design.

Beyond the great blade the Escape Knife also offers up a razor sharp strap cutter at the butt end of the knife. There are also replacement blades stored within the knife as well.

This is a powerful tool when escaping a car during a fire, accident or submersion. It also features a powerful glass breaking tool at the butt end of the knife that will shatter car window quickly and easily making escape even more efficient.

This multiple purpose EDC tool is one of the few pocket knives that maintains its ability to be a great knife and offer multiple uses. The SOG comes in just under $40.


Muti use tools included

Easy assist open

Segmented blade featuring serration

SOG FF25-CP Escape Knife Summary:

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Perfect for quick escape

Serrated edge

Anodized aluminum handle

Replacement blades

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

Another powerful spring assisted EDC pocket knife. This knife comes from a powerful brand. MTech has designed an intimidating knife in the USA Ballistic folding knife. This model comes in black and with a tactical camo option.

The black stainless steel blade is having a shape that is less like your average pocket knife and more like a menacing dagger. The black aluminum handle with cut out design creates a lightweight knife that carries easily.

This knife will play the security role and provides a pocket clip for safe carry as well. Its 3.75-inch blade will be adequate for most uses.

This weapon also features a belt cutter and a glass breaker for emergencies. This is a knife that is not reaching too far in its effort to be a powerful tool. I feel like this weapon is a great option to have in your pocket daily.

One of the most powerful sticking points with this MTech is the incredible value. This knife comes in under 10 dollars! I was hesitant to believe it could be of much use at such a price.

When I looked over the reviews I was pleased to find that it held a 4-star Amazon rating with over 600 reviews! Most people were shocked at how effective this knife was right out of the box.


Razor sharp out of the box

Great value

Glass break and belt cutting features

MTech Ballistic MT-A845 Folding Knife Summary:

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Combined belt cutter and glass breaker

Well regarded brand

Very affordable!


With this Winchester, we are making a departure from the modern tactical knives we have reviewed thus far. This is a classically designed folding pocket knife that has the look and feel of that beauty maybe your father or grandfather carried around.

The matte black finish on everything is very cool but there is something about the old brass and wood. The blade is made from surgical steel and it is 2.5 inches long when opened.

The knife has a very real weight to it which improves the cutting experience.

It features a polished wood handle with gorgeous brass inlays.

I was very happy to see the brass enclosure that hold the blade when not in use. The blade release is in the back of the handle as opposed to the modern versions that nest in the front of the enclosure.

This model is discontinued by the manufacturer but can be found in many online retailers. It was compared burst to a classic buck knife. Many reviewers found the knife to be a great starter tool.

One reviewer did mention that the blade was not held in the enclosure very well. He said it would easily slide out becoming a safety hazard. This could cause a serious injury if you are expecting this knife to be locked up tight.

The Winchester is a beautiful knife that is designed in that classic carrying knife design. That said concerns about it stating closed could be a very real issue if we are naming the best pocket knife for everyday carry.


Beautiful design

Surgical steel blade


Functionality issues

Winchester Brass Folding Knife Summary:

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Surgical steel blade

Polished wood handle with brass inlays

Not kept in enclosure easily

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife

There could be no true list about the best pocket knives for everyday carry without the inclusion of a Swiss Army knife. These mutli-tool pocket knives come with many benefits for EDC needs.

The standard Swiss Army knife often offers a couple different cutting edges as well as a few different types of tools and maybe a scissor. As an everyday carry tool the Swiss Army knife can hit several checkboxes in one.

The Camper is very similar looking to most knives of this type.

The classic rounded shape of the blade body and the lipstick red color of the case are unmistakably Swiss Army.

At 3.5 inches un opened this Camper carries well. This knife comes equipped with two blades, can and bottle openers and a wood saw, this is the ultimate tool for camping. It offers 13 functions with the various tools included in this blade.

1 Large Blade 2 Small Blade

3 Corkscrew

4 Can Opener with

5 – Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)

6 Bottle Opener with

7 – Large Screwdriver

8 – Wire Stripper

9 Reamer

10 Key Ring

11 Tweezers

12 Toothpick

13 Wood Saw

One of the best features of this knife and all the products made by Victorinox Swiss Army is the lifetime warranty. You pocket knife and the tools therein will be held to this same warranty.

This is a valuable investment on a EDC tool. If you find that this is the tool for you the warranty will save you so much money. So long as you don’t lose the knife.

This knife reviewed incredibly well with nearly 80% of the reviews at 5 stars. I was very impressed with the overwhelming response to how effective this tool is.

Of course, the tools on this knife are not designed to cut down trees and take cars apart. The only issue I would caution against with this knife is assuming you don’t need a real tool to achieve a job you think your knife is capable of.


Excellent Brand

Lifetime Warranty

Multi use


Tools are not designed for heavy use

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife Summary:

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Lifetime warranty

13 different functions

Well regarded brand

Buck Knives Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife

To have a conversation about pocket knives without mentioning a Buck knife just wouldn’t make any sense. I feel like we have run the gamut of some top-quality brand names that offered great options in the world of everyday carry.

This Stockman Buck knife will sit comfortably in your pocket at 3-7/8 inches. The blades inside range from 2 inches to 2-3/4 inches. The blades are made from 420J2 steel that sharpen easy and hold up against use.

This knife features that token Buck knife design with a woodgrain handle and beautiful nickel silver bolsters on either end. The three blades nest inside with two on one side and one blade on the opposite side.

This knife is touted by Buck as a “traditional, convenient and multipurpose knife good for everyday carry.

These knives are imported from China so they are not American made. That said, the Buck knife comes with a standard lifetime warranty. We are all very aware of Chinese “quality” particularly when it comes to things that are screwed together or tools in general. If this thing fails, you at least you have a warranty.

My opinion on failing and knives of questionable quality is that I would rather not have a tool that has the potential to fail on me. Rather I would go for something made in America that I can count on because invariably it will fail you when you need it most.


Classic Buck design

Three different blades

The echoing sentiment is that the knife is not made here in America. Though the knife production is important it’s worth having a very real sharp blade as well.

Reviewers liked the knife but also commented on how useless it became once it dulls. Obviously, these can be sharpened but till then it can be useless.

Buck Knives Stockman Pocket Knife Summary:

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Classic design

Sharp steel blades

Made in China


I have seen many great Everday Carry kits. There are powerful collections of tools that can take up very little space thanks to technology. When you talk about an EDC lot it can contain any number of weapons, tools and information.

Some other equipment to include in your everyday carry out would include micro memory stick for carrying important docs and other information about you, your family or even survival techniques

There are some great EDC kits on the net today. They often include a of number very cool tools. I am partial to a recharge option for your phone. These are often pricey and will offer answers to issues you may not have.

Rather, take a whole-body approach when it comes to the everyday carry kit. Your EDC should be more of a plan than a singular kit. Paracord laces, tech, weapons and most importantly the best pocket knife for everyday carry.