Of the many things, you champion in your survival arsenal be it knives, water filters, fire starters and the like nothing will outshine the performance of the bag that carries it all. A good survival bag will make adventure and escape possible.

This bag should offer you several storage options as well as an easy to carry design. I like to look at professional western hunters, military and adventurers to find some of the best bags on the market today. It’s so important to go with a professional who uses the bag regularly as opposed to a bag recommended to survivalists by a brand name.

There are many criteria by which a survival bag should be judged. I can think of four major criteria that we will discuss in this review. These four really are the basis by which a great survival bag should be judged. I have pulled together a great group of bags and we will hold them up to the following criteria to see how each measure up.


Duhud 40L Internal Frame Backpack

This impressive bag comes with the space needed to make a survival bug out happen or even a serious camping adventure. Its available in many sizes but the green is a great option for cover and concealment. It has a 40 Liter capacity and ships at just 1.1lb.

The Duhud would be a great option for storing many of your survival tools and other items. It has the size to accommodate most anything from sleeping mats and hammocks to small rockets stoves and sheathed survival knives. This model could also support a fold up survival fishing rod.

This model features an outlet for your hiking water bladder which is such a great feature for hydration. As far as comfort features go the Duhud has them all.

The pack is designed to breath well with various airflow channels and straps made of integrated mesh. It also has several outside straps for storing product like hiking poles, fishing poles or tent poles.

I love the zippered waist strap pocket for designed easy access storage of things like maps, gloves or valuables.

It also features a waterproof cover that engulfs the whole bag in the rain and keeps everything inside dry.

This bag has a lot of features that are great for hiking but would go a long way in a survival situation as well.

Customers have used and abuse this backpack in various uses from daily commutes to week long hiking expeditions. The durability of the bag being used at max capacity was what most reviewers applauded.


Internal frame

External storage straps

Water proof cover

Duhud 40L Internal Frame Summary:

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40 liter capacity

Hydration pocket feature

Integrated mesh straps

Features a waterproof cover

TETON Sports Escape 4300 Ultralight Internal Frame Backpack

TETON is well known for quality in backpacks. This pack is one of the best on the market and is a great choice for a survival bag. Two of the three colors offered are absolutely top notch.

The coyote tan and the hunter green are great options for blending into the landscape. This bag is designed to take the weight and the abuse of a serious outdoor adventure.

This 2-4 days’ pack is a powerful player in the backpack game. It features a roomy internal frame pack with thickly padded back panel and shoulder straps.

I really like the concave head space, and split waist wings that are designed to give your hike, hunt or survival expedition the type of comfort it requires. The pack itself is very big and weighs nearly 5lbs in weight.

Teton features great design in their packs. This model features dual aluminum stays that provide strength to support your heavy carrying load.

The lumbar support and adjustable torso length; Thickly-padded split dual wishbone waist pad with independent top and bottom hip adjustments offer a fit that can be altered to your shape.

The taped straps with breathable padding and mesh lining offer the airflow will create comfort on long hikes.

The TETON Escape is designed to take abuse and carries with a rip stop shell, waterproof materials and even more exciting are the storm proof zippers which will keep your equipment and materials nice in dry in the worst condition.

Beyond this collection of design features you are also going to find yourself with a pack that has seven pockets and two pouches for storage.

There are four compression straps, daisy chain gear loops and D ring eyelets. There is a slide storage under the hood, vertical side pockets with butterfly expansion. If the weather takes over you also have a yellow, water resistant rain fly.

This pack has a ton to talk about but what you need to know is that it comes from one of the top names in outdoor hiking gear. Its priced over $50 but if you are looking for a serious pack this is the one to take on.


Top name in hiking and camping

Multiple quality features


TETON Sports Escape 4300 Summary:

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Heavy duty design

Roomy internal frame pack

Dual aluminum support

Storm proof zippers

G4Free 50L Outdoor Backpack

The G4Free is a cheaper alternative to some of the best brands like Everest, Teton and High Sierra. This bag offers a wide variety of features that the camper and survival can appreciate. I love the tactical look and feel of this bag with its black waterproof, nylon design.

They have put a lot of thought into capacity and weight distribution with this model it features a comfortable strap and mesh back panel for airflow. It offers relieve weight using powerful straps, a chest buckle and waste pads and buckles as well.

The hydration port will offer you room for up to 3 Liters of water carrying capacity. Though you must buy the bladder separate this is nearly a day’s worth of water!

The front panel pocket has been designed to stretch and fit more while still offering ease of access. The comfortable hip belt also features a zipper pocket for access to any number of things.

This model also features a waterproof cover that will protect even better than the nylon.

This bag has been used by reviewers for up to two weeks in the wild. With 50L storage capacity you are certainly in a good place to do some serious camping. The bag reviewed well and features all those attributes needed to make a good survival bag.


Lightweight design

Massive storage space

Water carrying capacity


No internal frame

G4Free 50L Summary:

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Waterproof design

Comfortable padded strap

Large capacity pack

3 liters hydration port

Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack

The Mountaintop hiking bag has taken a great design and stuck with it. It features a base fiber and a water-resistant coating. Though many bags feature this base water resistance it’s so crucial to keep the items in your bag dry.

If your fire making materials get wet, you will have a very big problem. Most survivalists will know how to recover from this and will also have contingency methods but this is still a serious setback.

The unique S shaped shoulder straps are just one part of the Mountaintops powerful weight bearing system. The other compliments are an adjustable sternum strap and a breathable molded foam back panel.

When we talk about alternate storage both sides of the shoulder straps have a D-shape hook, in which small items can be linked to. This offers a variety of options to the owner of this bag.

You can hang any number of survival tools from these hooks. It also features front adjustable straps can hang trekking pole or tripod.

The Mountaintop hiking bag is a very reasonably priced pack but it has had some rough reviews on things like zipper quality and size of the bag at arrival. A bag that is just over $30 is only going to be so good.


Great strap features for accessories

Bearing system for weight and airflow


Quality of zippers

Bag size is misleading

Mountaintop 40 Liter Summary:

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Water resistant design

S shaped shoulder straps

Adjustable sternum strap​

Priced over $30

Reebow Tactical Military Backpack

This bag is less of a camping and hiking bag. It is flat black and carries that similar military design. It is definitely a tactical design and would be a great option for any type of dark or nighttime operations.

Reebow Tactical Military Backpack on the back of person dressed in all black as well would be nearly impossible to spot from a distance with the naked eye.

The bag is made of high density fabric that is both durable and water resistant. The straps and webbing will allow for additional tactical gear to be attached.

This is an ideal bug out bag that could easily store the things you would need for 2-3 days.It offers a ventilated mesh pad back and breathable shoulder strap for comfort.

It also features hydration capability so you can slip your bladder into this bag and have water on the go. In a survival situation, the way you manage your water is of the utmost importance.

As a survival bag the Reebow offers some serious benefits that don’t involve the giant hiking bags we reviewed earlier in this article. This is more compact bag for the adept survivor.

This bag will not support a big tent and all the fluff. This will hold a small one man tent and the accoutrement of a real survivor. I like it because it’s inconspicuous and compact.

Reebow Tactical Summary:

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High density fabric

Durable and water resistant

Ventilated mesh pad

Compact design



If we are talking about a genuine survival bag, we must pay close attention to the color of the bag. I like a bag that is the color of the world around me. You can never be too sure what type of survival this bag will accommodate. Better to can blend in even if it turns out you don’t need it.

A blaze orange survival bag would be nearly impossible conceal. Go with something that blends in and if you need to stand out there are many ways to signal for rescue


The frame of your survival bag will have a tremendous effect on how it carries. A pack with a good frame will position even the heaviest loads appropriately and you will find it much easier to carry a pack for a long distance.

Without some sort of frame design, you are left to the weight of the materials in your bag and the sagging weight of that bag. This will pull at your back and shoulders causing you to develop unintended pain and possibly injury.


The weight of the pack is very important as well. In some serious hikes, you will be doing your best to eliminate as much weight as possible. Every ounce will count at a certain point so things like unnecessary materials and metals become a major issue in a survival bag.


While we are on the subject of materials a bag must be made of the strongest and best quality you can find. I have had straps tear on me under serious pressure and that is no fun at all. Durability is a huge deal when it comes traveling long distances with heavy loads. If you are 30 miles into the backcountry it’s simply not acceptable.

Now let’s have a look at some of the bags on the market and what they offer.


You can have all the niftiest survival gadgets on the market but without a quality bag to store them in you will have a tough time. A serious hiking bag will give you the ability to move light and fast.

In a survival situation, this is what you are looking for. You may have to cover great distances quickly or you may need to hunker down for the long haul. These bags give you the ability to do both.

We looked at some tremendous bags in this review. I would be happy with anyone of these for my own use.

I think there are benefits to having the large framed hiking bag as well as the smaller Reebow tactical bag. Where you find, your comfort is where you should put your money.