Shun Classic Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife Review

A Nakiri knife, also known as a Nakiri Bocho knife, is a traditional Japanese cooking knife, which translates as 'cutting greens.' That gives you a clue as to what they are mainly used for and that is cutting vegetables.

Our review is going to look at the Shun Classic Nakiri Knife and highlight what is main attributes are.

Shun manufacture knives and knife accessories of just about every type.

Additionally, many of them have their origins in traditional Japanese cooking.

This Nakiri knife has been on sale for several years, and its popularity continues to this day.

Being a Nakiri knife it is designed for cutting vegetables but due to its cleaver-like design.

It can also be used for cutting other food types.

Who is this knife for?

Anyone who likes to prepare food at home, or in a professional capacity, will find this Nakiri knife to be a very useful addition to their kitchen toolbox. In particular, if you use a lot of vegetables in your recipes and culinary creations then you will love this knife.

It will also appeal to people who are fed up with the current knives that they use requiring excessive force, or even sawing motions in order to cut through vegetables and other foods. Some of these knives may have been sharpened but even then, the blade design may not lend itself to ease of use.

What’s included?

Not a lot to report here as what you receive is the Nakiri knife.

Overview of features

The part of the knife which is going to influence how comfortable it is to use is the handle, and the one on this Nakiri knife is made from Pakkawood. This is a branded wood and plastic composite material which is very durable and has a surface that provides a very good grip, which is essential when you are using any knife.

The other feature of the handle is its shape. It is D-shaped, which is a further aid to gaining a good grip. This handle also resists stains, and its wooden grain look gives the knife additional style.

Having said how important the handle material is, the blade material is even more crucial to the use of this Nakiri knife. The core of the blade is made from a high-grade Japanese steel whose characteristics mean that it retains a sharp edge for a much longer time than standard steel. The exterior of the blade is made from stainless steel which helps to protect it from rusting.

To enhance the cutting ability of the knife, it is designed with a 16° angle at the edge of the blade. This compares to normal knives which normally have an angle of 20°. The significance of this difference is that a smaller angle size means the blade can penetrate more effectively.

The overall length of the knife is 11 inches, of which the blade is 6.5 inches, and its depth is 2 inches. Despite the large blade dimensions, the weight is only 7.5 ounces, so you will never have any sense that it is heavy.

How to use it

As we've already established, this knife is specifically designed for cutting vegetables and can be used for cutting other foods including fruit and meat.

There is no particular method you need to use to cut with this knife as each chef, whether professional or amateur, will have their own way of doing it.

Having said that, because of its long straight edge, when you are cutting through vegetables there is no need to pull or push the knife horizontally as part of the cutting stroke.

Given the nature of the cutting edge of the blade, it should be maintained on a regular basis, and preferably by a professional knife sharpener, or an electric one which is suitable for Japanese knives.

The reason this is important, and you can't simply sharpen it as you would other kitchen knives, is due to the blade angle we mentioned previously, which needs to be at 16° to remain effective.


Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife

A very stylish alternative to the Shun knife is the Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife.

Its large blade is ideal for cutting vegetables, and other foods.

The other noticeable feature is the textured design on the blade which adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

Also, the ergonomic handle makes holding and using it very comfortable for your hand.

This makes it a great alternative for the Shun Classic Nakiri Knife.


If you've never used a Nakiri knife before, prepare to be amazed at how well this one from Shun can make cutting and chopping vegetables seem so easy. It follows that the easier it is to cut, the less effort will be required to use it. Helping in this intent is the shape of, and the material used, to make the handle, and it also provides a secure grip.

The Shun Classic Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife is a class above many ordinary kitchen knives and whether you are a professional chef, or simply love cooking at home, you need it in your cookery armory.